Day 96

Welcome to my portfolio/blog. Now I’ll talk myself up.

I am the editor-in-chief and founder of popculture-y.com. I’m passionate about media and pop culture and cats being friends with dogs.

My writing has been published both online and in print. I’ve written interviews, reviews, news articles and features for BMA Magazine, The Age, Luna Magazine, LiveGuide, ToneDeaf, the Signal Express, The UnderAge, The Music, children’s history magazine Historicool, and I sometimes write fiction.

I have volunteered for SYN Media and worked as a Radio Tour and Workshop Facilitator, which involves teaching groups of schoolchildren about SYN and about radio. I’ve also been involved with Express Media as their 2012 Social Media Intern and with Writers Victoria as their 2015 Program Intern.

I also do some photography, which has been published by BMA Magazine, LiveGuide, ToneDeaf and WhatSound – you can check out a best-of here.


You can also find me on:

Twitter: popculture_y
LinkedIn: Sharona Lin

All photos and writing is my own unless otherwise stated.


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